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Hey Product Hunters! For starters (😉) let me just say that we are super stoked to share what we have built with the PH community! If you’re into sports and technology, this is the community for you! We cover everything from traditional sports like football, baseball, and basketball - to esports - to emerging sports like drone racing and mega bot fighting. This platform grew out of a Slack community we created just 6 months ago with the goal of driving sports into the future through the use of technology. We’re an amazing group of founders, creators, and innovators, and we’re excited to invite you to be a part of it! Starters in short: "The sports tech industry lacks a foundation for the unification of companies, ideas, and technologies, a glaring inequality when compared to other developed industries. It has an absence of significant infrastructure supporting the flow of communication and facilitation of association among industry innovators, a collaborative community of sports tech innovators and influencers who are shaping the future of sports." If you want a little more information about the Starters platform go here: Happy to answer any questions about sports tech, the product, or the community in general! Feel free to connect on Twitter @troy_ruediger or shoot me an email Look forward to hearing from you guys! - Troy
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@troy_ruediger How do you see the future of sports highlights evolving? Is the 'Snapchat Story' highlight format the wave of the future?
@duulzach Hey Zach, thanks for the question! We are in a endless race to the shortest form content possible haha Snapchat has given fans and spectators new angles and new control over their content. We are definitely headed towards a more snapchat story-esque type of future for sports content. It will be exciting to see how this evolves over time.
@troy_ruediger @starters Hey Troy, really love the platform. The slack integration made it really easy and fun to use!
Love what these guys are doing in the Sports Technology space. Good aggregation and social platform to keep up and discuss with passionate entrepreneurs. Would be interesting to leverage in other verticals (but please keep focussed on this for now!)
@jim_winett Thanks so much Jim, appreciate all of the support! 🙏 I have honestly thought that same thing, it would be interesting to test in other verticals. We have our hands full right now as it is though so no worries there. haha
Really excited for this platform to keep growing and expanding. When my @sportonapp team and I embarked on this journey, we looked for a hub for industry experts to talk to and gain valuable insights from. Starters is that and so much more! Thank you @troy_ruediger @cohen_ari @johnmpotter
@mantritech @sportonapp @cohen_ari @johnmpotter Thanks so much for the supports Rahul, we have enjoyed having you guys! Looking forward to seeing whats in store for SportOn!
Congrats! Great space to explore! Question. Who design the logo? I love it!
@pfanis haha awesome! Thanks Fanis, that would be @johnmpotter! Who also happens to be a former NFL player. He built and designed the entire site!
@pfanis Thanks, i really appreciate it! 👍
Nice! can't wait to try it out, do you have any invite code ? @troy_ruediger
@go_mino1 yep! Let me know what you think!
@troy_ruediger love the design! which API are you using ?
@go_mino1 Hey! Thank you, we really appreciate it. We have @johnmpotter to thank for that. He would be the one to answer your API question as well.