Starter Story

Discover the stories behind successful e-commerce businesses

Starter Story interviews the entrepreneurs behind successful consumer products and e-commerce businesses.

These businesses share their revenue, how they came up with their idea & built the product, and how they grew their business.

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Hey PH! πŸ‘‹ I've been working on Starter Story for the past couple months. I just finished up my 17th interview! Hugely inspired by @csallen and Indie Hackers, I wanted to create a similar resource for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space. It has been such a fun experience to do these interviews & share the stories. Would love any feedback that the PH community has on how to improve the site and the interviews. (Thanks for hunting me @_jacksmith)
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@thepatwalls Congrats on the launch! Saw your Reddit comment. Love the simplicity of your webdesign! What is your webdesign stack, if I may ask? Thanks!
@bagindatirtadji Thanks! I built this with the create-react-app by Facebook and I host it on Netlify. I plan to move to using a CMS soon for the content, but I started by just hacking it together with React. Anyone have any recommendations?
@bagindatirtadji @pugson I'll check that out. Thanks!
@csallen @_jacksmith @thepatwalls I really like your product! :) I will use it for sure. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, my biggest challenge is finding the courage to start something I believe in and share it with the public. It's encouraging to see so many people who have similar backgrounds to mine who have taken the leap to creating and selling their own products.


Great place to learn about stories behind e-comm startups, inspiring to hear how open people are about how their failures lead to success


Only a few new interviews a week - I wish there were more!

Love the simplicity. Looks good Pat!
@siimon_sander Thanks Siimon!
Congrats on the launch! ✨
@pugson Thanks Mr. Pug 🐢