Start Typing

Find, copy and paste emojis instantly.

Start Typing is a simple online tool that helps you find, copy and paste emojis instantly. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.
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Hi everyone, Silja here – half of the brain behind Start Typing. As we couldn't find a slick and 👀-catching way to find, copy and paste emojis online, we started building it. Happy to share the first version today! What would you love to see? Is there anything we can improve?
Niceee! I love this tool. Can't wait when I try it :) Congratulations!
@peteliev Cheers! We thought about adding a skin tone filter – how would that help you? 👏🏻
@peteliev Thanks! We use it daily. 🙈
Ahoj Product Hunt, Simon here – the code monkey of Start Typing. 🐵 We built this little thing, because, well, there just wasn’t a fun, clean and fast way to browse, find and copy emojis on the fly. Of course, on a Mac, you have the character viewer (Ctrl + Cmd + Space) which does an OK job – but lacks the fun. And I keep forgetting the key combo. 🙃 Alright, there’s Emojipedia ( but typing in “Index Pointing Up: Light Skin Tone”, waiting for the load and navigating the clutter just isn’t cutting it. So, in an ideal world, how would finding emojis look like? ⌨️ Start typing and copy instantly. Fire up a new tab, start typing and with a few strokes have your result. Tap on it, and off we go. Pro tip: Add a custom search engine to Chrome (chrome://settings/searchEngines?search=search) and have emoji search power at the tip of your fingers. The query URL is 💬 Speaks your language I get it – “OK Hand” might not cross your mind when you are just looking for that “finger sign”. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your natural language to find stuff? We got you. 🧠 Gets smarter over time Yep, if your search for “Sourdough” doesn’t yield any results – check back later. It might already understand you. 🗂 Has ready-made kits up its sleeve Might come in handy when you’re writing that article about startups ( – or that blog post about your new recipe ( There are so many fun things we could add. What about language support? A custom API so that others can use our learning system as well? Let you create your own kits for your everyday emoji-needs? What would you love to see? Is there anything we can improve?
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Could there be way of adding these to the OS keyboards or any third party keyboard available for smart phones and Pc etc
@ayushchandra Thanks man – with most mobile OS you have automatic keyword replacement, which works like a search engine of sorts. The closest thing to a desktop keyboard version is to add this as a Chrome shortcut (as described above), but we‘ll look into this. Thanks for the hint!