Turn your browser start page into a personal dashboard

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As a developer I might be a little biased, but to me it really is a great dashboard: All links, charts, dials and feeds right where I need them.
mmm. netvibes anyone?
@ourielohayon That's what I was thinking!
We've build to help you save time online. With you have instant access to your most important websites and information sources, every time you open your browser. offers an integrated bookmarks manager, support for news feeds and a library with thousands of widgets that help you connect to popular internet services. You can use across all your browsers and devices - without the need to sync your data/bookmarks. We're very keen to get your feedback and suggestions for improvements!
@arjenrobijn Just registered. Seems very good at first glance. Didn't see Slack there. It would be great to see most recent comments across multiple Slack teams simultaneously.
I've been using since the beginning and that should say something ( tend to try a lot of products and has never been surpassed by anything I've seen). While they've made a lot of improvements over the last year, I still find being able to have my necessary links in easy organization the best part of the service. For anyone thinking about trying it, I use it for: Easy access links - Easier than any bookmarks and I have more than 100 on my main tab RSS - I have a couple of feeds that update on the start page Calendar - I get a quick view of the upcoming events Todos - I see my latest todos from Todoist
Hi Arjen, when did you become alive? Thanks.
@huseyinerkmen26 We launched early 2014 and recently came out of BETA. I hope you like what we've done! Best regards, Arjen