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Always wanted to build a reading habit? This book is for you

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Kyle Visner
Kyle Visner@kyle_visner
So if I don't have a reading habit, I have to read a book to learn how to develop a habit of reading books? I guess it seems like the audience you are trying to reach doesn't engage with the medium
Dain Miller
Dain MillerMaker@dain · 🇺🇸 StartHere.LLC 🧘‍♂️ Consultant
@kvisner Fair point. :) To play devil's advocate one could say that a book being the starting point to begin a purposefully reading habit, is perhaps the perfect format for that. You're right though in that conversion on this product will be super low because of that exact reason you identified. But this was a passion thing for me to write, so I'm okay with that. :)
Dain Miller
Dain MillerMaker@dain · 🇺🇸 StartHere.LLC 🧘‍♂️ Consultant
Hey guys! This is the first book we're publishing at StartHereFM ( and I'm so excited and passionate about this topic. Please check out my personal blog post here to learn why it means so much to me. Happy to be here. Feel free to post any thoughts on ways to improve the book!
Aleksandr Golovatyi
Aleksandr Golovatyi@aleksandrgolovatyi · Web Developer with Reading books passion
Reading is the most needed skill now, read more, learn more -