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Way too many bad people in our society to trust this lovely machine.
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@denull we can't be trusted with nice things.
@_jamesmundy it's time to build a city where only the cool kids are. :))
@denull would get stolen in a heartbeat...
@denull exactly my thoughts. though l love the concept. maybe add an electrifier to discourage :)
@denull we are not worthy!
I need one of these! Gon take a Starship to the moon!
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@snoopdogg You gonna call it Enterprise?
A new take on self-driving delivery robots from two of the creators of Skype. The robot fits a couple of shopping bags inside and navigates the local area via pavements at around 4mph. Apparently they will be based at supermarkets or near shops in shipping containers from where they will deliver to the local area for <£1. Whilst I'm not sure on the legality of these being on the pavements, I think it's far more achievable in the short term than delivery by air, not to mention the fact it can carry a lot more weight. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/techn...
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@_jamesmundy I suppose the question on everyone's mind is how do they stop people stealing these/the contents!
@gloftus1 @_jamesmundy yea, I agree. The first thing that sprung to my friend's mind was: "what's to stop me throwing it into a river" haha I guess it has cameras so could record a culprit (and London has a ton of CCTV) but still, people can't be trusted!
@_jamesmundy Give them wings and remove those wheels should reduce stealing number
holler at me
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@snoopdogg When the Dogg asks he shall receive. Sup Dogg.
@snoopdogg You gonna use this to deliver the medicinal type groceries? That would be groovy like a drive-in movie. :)
Given that it sticks to sidewalks and paved paths, could see this applied to golf course and retirement communities (Peachtree City or Sun City both great examples--miles of cart paths). Especially helpful for elderly with reduced mobility.