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Useful tool for investors especially. I think @Noah_L was asking for something like this a while ago (I could be wrong). They integrate with AngelList, Crunchbase, and Alexa. Maybe they should add Product Hunt. :)
@rrhoover @Noah_L They should definitely add Product Hunt!
@rrhoover @Noah_L another good product here that is all about making things speedy and simpler. great how they directly display founders and competitors.
@rrhoover @Noah_L I just signed up for the Product Hunt API. Will integrate Product Hunt into Starry soon :D @k_roushdy Thanks Karim. Seems like people are most interested about the founders and the competitors. Starry's next release will display founders and competitors' more detailed information in-page in Starry's sidebar instead of directing users to an external window (e.g. edu/work background, contact/social media info for founders, complete in-page profile for competitors).
@rrhoover yeah, this would definitely be a helpful tool. I downloaded it and have been playing with it a bit. I do think it would be great if more of the info could be rendered in the sidebar instead of kicking off to an external site. Looking forward to using it though and seeing it evolve!
@Noah_L @rrhoover Thanks Noah. That's very useful feedback!
This is pretty cool - it's a Chrome extension that displays funding/traffic info for the site you're on, and you can easily add to a special startups folder in your favourites.
@riaface @rrhoover @Noah_L @k_roushdy @travelintweeter @pdotliu @_anupg Hey guys, Starry 1.0 is out! New features include in-page display of founder & competitor info without redirecting to an external url (as requested by @Noah_L) ; display stock price instead of funding for companies to went IPO; navigation bar on the top; better data accuracy and coverage; faster data loading and so on. @ghobs91 Yosemite bug should be fixed now . @turoczy info for is populated :p @rrhoover I haven't heard anything since I signed up for Product Hunt API :( Let @chengchen_cc and me know what you think! Thank you very much.
@liviavinci @chengchen_cc YAY! Thanks for letting me know :)
@liviavinci Sweet! Now these are founders who listen to their users.
Looking forward to trying this out! As an aside, not having Starry information for the Starry site seems like a missed opportunity for awesomeness
@turoczy Yeah, I noticed that!