Measure your size and get your celebrity body doppleganger

Starlook: Body Shape, Size and Celebrity Outfits solves a problem of all customers of online clothing stores: the problem of choosing the right size and clothes for your body shape. We created a tool which allows customers get their measurements, clothing size and body shape.

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I got Anna Kendrick and I am a 30 year old male. What does that say about me?? Kidding, I didn't try the app yet.
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@avizuber :D This comment actually scared me at first. Did you try the app already?
@kenalix_ Hahah, sorry about that. I have no yet tried it. I'm an android user. I need to borrow my wife's iphone later and we'll both give it a go. It looks really cool, best of luck!
@kenalix_ If you think my comment is turning people off from downloading the app, I will gladly delete it. I don't want to cause any harm.
@avizuber No, I didn't mean that. I actually find it funny, it's just I was scared that something went wrong. You shouldn't be Anna Kendrick, you know.
@avizuber Ah, I see. The android version will come a bit later, we need to test it properly. Thanks again for your interest and comments!
Thanks, @benln We want to transform the way how people interact with their smartphones to solve common everyday tasks, that's why we created 3DLOOK. So far we have developed an innovative technology of instant human body scanning using just a smartphone, without any additional hardware, on any background. Today we are officially releasing an app Starlook, which allows you to get your body measurements, clothing size and celebrity lookalikes with just two photos from your iPhone. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? We can also show you your body shape and size of outerwear for the 50 most popular brands. The accuracy of body measurement can reach up to 98% based on how you make photos and what you are wearing. We created this app to show fashion brands and retailers the power and advantages of our technology, and an example how it can be implemented into mobile apps or online stores. Follow us on social networks to get more updates about 3DLOOK and its' technology
@vadim_rogovskiy Is it possible to integrate this app with my fashion recommendation chatbot? how costly is it going to be?
looks like a great app!!
@rkulbergs Thanks a lot!
Looks pretty cool. Also, it has potential to become a great asset for online shoppers. Good luck!
This only wastes time and creates a society of self obsessed masses. All this detriment to society for the sheer purpose of making a buck, for shame. Solve a problem that will make a difference like Stevie Jobs use to say. Not making girls and guys even more plastic and superficial to levels that Hollywood paints as reality. "What would your mother say..."
@androidlove Well, we didn't think it that way when we were working on Starlook and our body scanning technology. The purpose of the application is not to tell you that you are not slim enough. In contrary, 3D body scanning works towards accepting oneself the way you are. We are all different, but that exactly makes us beautiful.