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Manage your money from your mobile with Starling’s mobile-only accounts for either personal or business, alongside our beautifully intuitive app.

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For me, it's a 2 horse race between Starling and Monzo in the mobile challenger bank space. It is really, really good to have these two pushing each other. Sure you have options like Revolut and Atom, but I think these two just edge it.

I've used both Starling and Monzo for about a year and they are both excellent, truly excellent. I have never had a problem with either. In terms of functionality, they are both pretty similar but Starling are further ahead with their business and offerings as a whole. They were first to overdrafts, Apple Pay and business accounts.

However, I had Monzo about a month before Starling, and although feature wise Starling just edges it, I can't bring myself to switch over. It's about being part of Monzo's incredible community, I prefer the app (although Starling's does look snazzier) and having that sweet coral card alongside all the other people, admittedly just in London, is pretty cool. Is that potentially a odd reason to choose one product over another? Yes, probably, but that's just the effect Monzo has over people. Oh, and my mum uses it, that has to count for something.


Wonderful challenger bank, excellent UX, exceptional setup, good support, Apple Pay


I just can't leave Monzo's community :(

This makes a lot sense. Does anyone go to the bank anymore?
I've been using Starling for a few months, I was a bit cautious at first, but there is literally nothing to be scared of, the app works and looks amazing, packed with features and i can't wait to use my card abroad for the great exchange rates it apparently has!
I used Starling for about a week before deciding to switch my whole bank account over to them. I'd recommend! One feature, Goals, lets you create savings accounts and move money over manually or on a set date every day / week / month etc - its really great!
Excellent product, met the team, wrote about them for the BBC last year. Big up from me.