A child's wearable that can boost IQ

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Hi, I'm one of the Starling co-creators. We're excited about the potential for the Starling to revolutionize early childhood education. Please let me know if you have any questions.
@jonboggiano The hardware module turned out very slick. Congratulations on your launch! I've gone through the same accelerator earlier this year with the Starling creators and these guys are tech super stars. They have put a lot of efforts into the product and I have no doubt they can deliver the product.
@bing_ario @jonboggiano Thanks Bing. Appreciate the kind words!
I've been working with the Starling team from their early days and this is a seriously impressive piece of technology backed by an even more impressive team. For anyone who has children or planning to have children next year, this is a must have for the future education of your children.
@mbesto Thanks Mike!
I'm another of the Starling's co-creators and wanted to thank everyone here for your support. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make children smarter by encouraging parents to do the one thing (talk) shown to stimulate the brain while it's still growing rapidly. If anyone has any questions for feedback I'm always happy to answer them, so just let me know.