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Following up our release of Pip last month, today we're launching Starlike, a new spin on social content readers. Think of it as friends curating your social feeds and only showing you what they think is the best stuff. I'll be on in the morning (PT) and throughout the day answering questions, ask me anything, PH!
I connected all of my accounts, but I'm only seeing two posts on my main page in the app now. Are my friends just not liking enough stuff?
@veronica on first load it can sometimes take a little while to crawl through the various APIs and get the data back we're looking for! I wish we'd put a little notice in on that (we were supposed to). Give it a little bit!
There's an interesting trend of products using social data to curate our feeds and surface more relevant content. Nuzzel (cc @abrams), Newsle, Facebook Paper (to an extent), and some others I can't remember, come to mind. @ryan - I have some reservations that most people want to replace their Facebook or Twitter browsing time to view a more curated feed, especially when their habits are accustomed to those native platforms. How do you convince people Starlike is a much better experience before they've tried it? Other thoughts here?
@rrhoover I don't entirely disagree, native experiences are super sticky (as well they should be!). I'd say the one really interesting thing about Starlike, in my opinion, is that you see a view of the social streams that you cannot see anywhere else -- and I've found it to be consistently super interesting, since it's all the stuff your friends think is interesting (but that you probably haven't seen yet). I kind of think of it like the B-side to what I'm seeing elsewhere in my social streams. And I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of person that tends to like the B-sides more than the A-sides.