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Mobile social app dedicated solely to interactive video discussion of movies, TV, and trailers. Users follow each other and share authentic 3-30 second reactions to everything they've seen, including what's out now, new trailers, and their all time favorites.

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  • Xavier Thomas
    Xavier ThomasShift Lead at IMAX VR, Movie/TV Reviewer

    Opinions from different perspectives, build your own digital journal, connect with other movie/tv lovers, and get movie/tv suggestions.


    No cons but I do have a suggestion. Stardust allows tagging but I think adding a comment section and DM would help expand communication.

    Stardust is a fantastic app! I usually write my movie/tv reviews (follow me on XJTNetwork on Facebook) but it can become too time-consuming when it comes to multiple viewings and daily obligations so I love that I can just push record and talk about a movie or show in a quick 30-second span.

    There are so many good films and shows that people don't know about and an app like Stardust can help the average watcher know if it's worth the time and/or money to give away. I think people would rather hear opinions from different perspectives: critics, fans, and everyday casual watchers.

    I was introduced to Stardust 5 months ago and I can't put it down. I love that I'm building my own digital journal of movies and shows. There's definitely a community forming of people with a like-minded love for movies/tv but a different point of view and that's important for people that want to have a discussion or weigh the pros and negatives of a particular movie/show. There's something for everyone! Be sure to check out Stardust and FOLLOW me! username: xavierjthomas.

    Xavier Thomas has used this product for one month.
  • Dawn Erickson
    Dawn EricksonHere to geek out

    I love having a platform to talk about movies


    N/A. Nothing else like this right now

    I have a movie addiction, and I love that I have a place to talk about them where I can connect and converse with other people who share my addiction. It's really fun being creative and thinking about reactions and seeing the fun videos other users come up with!

    Dawn Erickson has used this product for one year.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
While a bit different, this reminds me of @caseyneistat's new upcoming app, Beme Panels.
Jake Konner
Jake KonnerMaker@jakestilekonner · Lead Growth Strategist
@caseyneistat @rrhoover Wow, that's pretty awesome, thanks Ryan! Means a lot coming from you. Would love to know Casey's inspiration and if it's similar to ours. Obviously there's a belief here that shorter form content can be more impactful for both creator and consumer. Ryan, considering you're the PH founder, is there anything else this reminds you of? Also, are you a big movie/tv guy?
Sophie Ashley
Sophie Ashley@sophie_ashley · Vista Entertainment Solutions
@caseyneistat @rrhoover @jakestilekonner Love the concept of hearing about news from peers. The thing with something like Beme Panels and Stardust is that it allows humans to have an outlet and be heard no matter their status or level of credentials. Whether it be for worldly matters or your passion of movies, there's a place to connect with others who share the same views or interests as you.
Christine Holland
Christine HollandMaker@christine_holland · Associate Product Manager, Stardust
@caseyneistat @rrhoover That's a really fascinating idea, thanks for sharing Ryan! One of the things we really hope to capture with Stardust is the power of hearing a recommendation or opinion from a friend, or someone who you trust & value their ideas. This leads to really genuine and meaningful conversation around movies & tv--something more personal than reading a review from a movie critic. I think this concept is really innovative for so many different topics of conversation. Casey-- having something like this for discussing news is an awesome idea!
Derek Forbes
Derek ForbesMaker@derek_forbes · Founder & El Presidente, Stardust
@caseyneistat @rrhoover I just checked out Beme... yes, there are definitely some similarities in terms of the short form video medium. Stardust is all about movies & TV!
Geoff Plitt
Geoff PlittMaker@geoff_plitt · Lead Engineer of Stardust app
@caseyneistat @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Sounds like we're onto something.
Geoff Plitt
Geoff PlittMaker@geoff_plitt · Lead Engineer of Stardust app
Hey folks! I'm Geoff Plitt, Lead Engineer of Stardust. Feel free to ask questions about the technical foundations of our app/backend, and follow me as "geoffplitt" on the app. Dust on!
Brandyn Morelli
Brandyn Morelli@brandynmorelli · Growth @ MojoTech
@geoff_plitt Digging the app. How are you planning to handle video at scale? Are you currently running into any issues compression and storage?
Zach Nolan
Zach NolanMaker@zachnolan · Lead App Developer @ Stardust
@brandynmorelli Thanks for the kind words! We are currently using Cloudinary for all video/image storage and transformations. It's working out well so far, but as the user base continues to grow, we'll keep evaluating other options.
Geoff Plitt
Geoff PlittMaker@geoff_plitt · Lead Engineer of Stardust app
@brandynmorelli @zachnolan Right, luckily we're not re-inventing video storage, compression, transcoding, streaming, etc-- our video partner Cloudinary is amazing at that. There are costs involved, but luckily the videos themselves are not really a scaling problem for us. The interesting scaling challenges arise elsewhere, for example the algorithm we use to populate the home/feed, Discover, and watching chains of reactions, are actually quite complicated/optimized.
Jake Konner
Jake KonnerMaker@jakestilekonner · Lead Growth Strategist
Hello world! Jake Konner here, head of User Acquisition for Stardust. I'm a New York native who moved to LA to help launch Stardust to the global community of TV & Film fanatics . So pumped to hear your thoughts on Stardust and connect with you in the app. I'm here to answer any and all of your non-engineering questions, including product and growth related topics. Follow me on the app @JakeStileKonner to see my reactions to everything I'm watching, including IT, Peaky Blinders, GOT and much more!
Bo Wang
Bo Wang@bluemonk482 · Researcher, AI, NLP
Considering how popular some of the reaction youtube channels are. I am surprised there ain't many apps like this (or I have been missing out ..), good job guys!
Jake Konner
Jake KonnerMaker@jakestilekonner · Lead Growth Strategist
@bluemonk482 thanks Bo! You may find many of the popular Youtube channels you know actually on Stardust. Who are some of your favorites?
Alex Maxwell
Alex Maxwell@alex_maxwell · Account director
This is amazing! Democratizing critiques and reaction vids is a great idea. It provides a platform specifically to give audiences a voice and collect them all in one place. Well done guys!
Jake Konner
Jake KonnerMaker@jakestilekonner · Lead Growth Strategist
@alex_maxwell Thanks Alex! Really appreciate that. Is there anything you'd like to see that isn't currently there?
Derek Forbes
Derek ForbesMaker@derek_forbes · Founder & El Presidente, Stardust
@alex_maxwell Yes... there's some talk about how a Rotten Tomatoes score can make or break a movie's fortunes. But a lot of people I know - particularly younger people - don't really relate to the opinions of the critics that drive RT scores. We think (and so do our users!) that to know what your friends think about a movie, and even better to see and hear about it from them, is much more powerful and compelling.