Starbucks Barista

Coffee on-command through mobile or Alexa

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Mehmet Perk
@mmt · Idea craftsman, Madde Us
That lady scares me.
Stedman Halliday
@stedman_rh · Working on something new...
From the Starbucks press release: "Select customers can now order coffee 'on command' using My Starbucks® barista as part of an initial feature rollout integrated seamlessly into the Starbucks mobile app for iOS. At the same time, the company is launching a Starbucks Reorder Skill on the popular Amazon Alexa platform. Both features allow customers to order… See more
Michael Flores
@mike_flores23 · Crafting Ms, Vs, and Cs
This will be interesting to try. The stickiness of voice products, for me at least, drops dramatically when there are even semi-frequent errors in recognition. When done through Alexa I have no concerns, but in-app will be the experience to watch.
Can Comertoglu
@cancom10 · Product @OneDrive (prev: Vimeo, Amzn)
The beautiful thing about this could be the simplicity of saying "order my usual" regardless of where you are...
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
YASSSSS cc @mscccc