Starbucks 4.0

The quickest, easiest way to pay for your coffee.

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Only 15,000 stars until your next reward! 😜☕️
Mehmet Perk
product @ Siemens Mobility
UI Designer: The stars should be gold. Customer: Make toe color of coffee please, we sell coffe not gold. Conclusion: They have a color between gold and coffee.
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
Version 4.0 focuses heavily on Starbucks Rewards™: • A brand new dashboard where you see your stars, rewards, offers, music and more, all in one place. • Star Balance – keep track of the number of Stars you’ve earned and how many you need until your next Star Reward. • Redeem offers – now you can redeem offers (like earned free drinks and food!) with your mobile order. • Improved mobile ordering experience for VoiceOver users. Gamified coffee drinking!
Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@chrismessina using rewards on mobile orders = YES, FINALLY!! I use this app almost everyday. New version is mostly the same. Just much slicker and a bit more emphasis on "lots of stars". I guess they probably made the change to make getting stars seem more exciting. 🌟
Love the look of the new app, although my only two complaints - the touch area for History and Settings seem a bit small, and I still kinda hope they put card balance on the Apple Watch glance, or maybe even a complication.
So this is why my Starbucks app wasn't working properly this morning...
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