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Thank you Franco for introducing us. Please welcome the Starbox Wordpress Plugin - The Author Box That Turns Your Authors Into Superstars. [everyone applauds] Thank you all. We are very honored to be here with you, The Product Hunt Community. Starbox Plugin is our second baby and it’s growing so fast. We launched the first Generation of Starbox in 2013 on the Wordpress Directory. Since then, we kept iterating it. Now we want to share the 3rd Generation with you. Our baby has the destiny to change the world (parents and their babies, right?). Well, not quite the Earth as a planet. [people chuckle] Only the World Of Creators and Makers. Let me clarify: How many of you have a blog? How many of you write articles or papers? How many of you publish what you write? Well, my dear guests, you are all Creators, you are all Authors. Starbox is here to change your Author life. It’s the only authorbox that makes you feel like a star. Having Starbox as your Author Bio Box makes your personal brand more visible to your audience. If you worry that Starbox won’t fit with your design preferences, don’t worry. Starbox has 4 different beautiful themes, from minimal, to very fancy. And that’s not all; you can choose from 2 types of display: you can make your entrance on the red carpet (like any superstar), take some poses, and then leave the reader to travel through your content, or you can have him to find you at the end of the journey for the autograph. Your choice. What about those of you who have a very complex Online Presence? Don’t worry. We solved this problem too. You can show off all your social media accounts. It’s just amazing. You’ll be everywhere. [people chuckle] This is all about you, and it sounds great.. but: what if you have a team? Well, my friends, all of your team members can have their own authorbox, their own spotlight, with their curtain and with all of their fan base. [people wow-ing] Each of your authors can customize and have their very own author bio box in your WordPress site. Sounds interesting to you? Waste no more time and enjoy the spotlight that Starbox creates for you. Thank you all, and please come talk with me; any questions you have and any feedback. [everyone applauds]
What is "An Author Box"? Is that a known term in the blogging world that I just don't know about?
@bentossell an author box is the BIO details box that shows up at the beginning or at the end of an article, displaying details about the author. also called: author bio box. But I see that author box if the most popular in terms of: number of people who search for this kind of product
This looks like a very good product. I'll definitely test it on our blog.
@vladciurca Thank you! let me know how it goes. We're always iterating on it.
Big fan of the product already 👍
That's an awesome idea. I was already getting tired of using the same theme!