Star Wars bot by Recast.AI

Become the hero of an interactive space adventure!

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Jasmine Anteunis
Jasmine AnteunisMaker@jasmineanteunis · Core team, Recast.AI
Hi PH! I’m very happy to introduce our first Star Wars role playing game chatbot! As there are several huge Star Wars fans in the team, we couldn’t miss such an opportunity. While a new Star Wars movie attracts both long-time fans and newcomers, this bot is perfect for both. Either to discover a new way to interact with your favorite science-fiction world or to learn new facts, Star Wars Bot by Recast.AI takes you on a wild adventure where you, and only you, decide on the outcome. *dun dun dun* Today, Star Wars Bot speaks English and is available on Messenger 24/7 (and soon Kik). Powered by the Recast.AI technology, he understands, answers in natural language and the more you use it, the more it adapts to you! We also made a step-by-step tutorial to help you build your own here! We’re available in the comment section to answer all your questions :) Happy playing and merry Christmas!
Baudi@baudi_m · Finance intern at Parrot
Great way to get in the mood before going to see the new movie!
Maxime Lemort
Maxime Lemort@maxime_lemort · Dev
OMG this is the best RPG game ever ! I always wanted to play a game within a bot.
Henri Floren
Henri Floren@henri_floren
@maxime_lemort Thanks! It's a concept that has yet to gain popularity but could bring sweet things in the future
Patrick Joubert
Patrick Joubert@patricksclouds · CEO, Recast.AI
I love star wars and I love this bot ;) Well done!
Charles Anteunis
Charles Anteunis@stickyfame
Awesome for a Star Wars fan ;)
Henri Floren
Henri Floren@henri_floren
@stickyfame Thanks! :)