Star Wars Battlefront

Immerse Yourself In Your Star Wars™ Battle Fantasies

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Coming in November with a beta likely on the way, plus #StarWars.
@andythegiant Yeah, I have high hopes for this. It's been too long since a really solid SW game came out.
@russfrushtick Even with its faults, still love Battlefield 4.
@andythegiant Yeah, BF4 is not terrible, especially once they got it working. But man, those tech issues were brutal.
Really looking forward to this one :)
So stupidly excited for this. The fact that all the trailer footage was in-game footage is impressive. That obviously doesn't mean it has to look that good when the game is released—they can turn down shaders and lighting effects (but for what?)—but the fact that they paid so much attention to detail gives me hope. Example: the devs said they're basically trying to make the best possible recreation of the original trilogy in video game form. If you look at explosions in the trailer, you see they are not your typical video game-type explosions where they try to simulate real fire and that plooms. The explosions have lots of sparks and bottle rockets which are much more like real effects used in films, especially a few decades ago (pre-Michael Bay?).
Beta is out! Gameplay looks amazing