Star Wars API (SWAPI)

All the Star Wars data you've ever wanted

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Andrew Bills
Andrew Bills@evilspyboy
Im definitely filing this away in my mental bank.... one day Im going to need dummy data in a project and this will be my go to.
Shane Jeffers
Shane Jeffers@shanerjeffers · Founder, Fantasy Matchup
Who's going to build a Star Wars app now?
joshua bradley
joshua bradley@airjoshb · Passionate about making life better
I had full on plans to be productive today, but the force may be pulling me towards something else....
Nash Brooklyn
Nash Brooklyn@palmdale · Selfie Shootout
is this still alive? i mean the star wars api?
@palmdale Hey Nash, it's still alive and going, yes!
Max «Tusken» Grebennikov
Max «Tusken» Grebennikov@maxtusken · CDO, startuper, web-designer
Really cool API :) Thx.