Star Jolt

Retro arcade high score chaser that is sure to challenge you

Star Jolt is a loving memory of, and a tribute to, early 80s arcades and lo-fi home consoles. We've tried to capture the tight gameplay, the difficulty that makes every highscore oh so rewarding, and the aesthetics of that era.
Available on iOS and Android πŸš€
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We hope you'll enjoy Star Jolt as much as we've have enjoyed making it. Let us know if you have any ideas for how we can make Star Jolt even better in future versionsπŸš€
Awesome rocket and lovely game. Good job Erik & Elin! 😊 How good astronauts are you Product hunters? πŸš€
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@pagustafsson That's an impressive score!
feel like Ive come full circle since year of 1976-77, standing in line at lunch at school to have a chance at playing PONG. Awesome presentation folks
@morphineendo That is so great to hear and exactly what we are aiming for!
Great game! Love the graphics!
Way too addictive, love the stickers!
@mrhesselbom Awesome! They were a fun addition to make