Star Fox Zero

The Star Fox team arrives on Wii U for a new adventure

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The upcoming release of this game brings back a whole bunch of nostalgia. The graphics have certainly received an upgrade, with some other neat changes, like a new and Arwing that can transform into a Walker, and a new Drone type plane. They have also added a cockpit view which can be viewed through the Wii U controller! Wii U owners - will you be picking this one up?
@cpollo01 I'll definitely be picking it up. Partly for nostalgia, but mostly just to help justify the purchase of my Wii U. That library is struggling!
@cpollo01 Definitely picking this up. :) The fact that the Wii U Gamepad is actually first-person cockpit view? Amazing!
@iamunr @cpollo01 Agreed Paul! The first person experience is a big selling point :)
Wasn't really hyped when it was announced but watching the Nintendo Treehouse segments really changed my opinion. I've always loved the cheesy dialogue in the game, it really adds to its charm.