Star Command

Simple and fun 8-bit timing based starship simulator.

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Aaron Rau
Aaron RauHunter@aaronrau · Aspiring Entrepreneur, Coder, Designer
I think Star Command has a lot of potential. Looking back on how they got started on kickstarter (, I feel like they ended up having to rush something out. The game is "OK" not as challenging as FTL. Nevertheless simple and fun. It will be interesting to see how their new "Star Command Galaxies" game will turn out.
Ivo Teel
Ivo Teel@calimonk · Entrepreneur, Engineer, Gamer, Vlogger
@aaronrau Looks really interesting! The website is unfortunately unavailable, but the kickstarter gives a good view, this really gets me quite excited! Always loved X-Com and I was one of the few that enjoyed the building and research part more then the actual combat :-) - Love the art style, remind me of Game Dev Story meets Theme Hospital a bit.