Block tracks, albums, and artists you don't like on Spotify

Stapp saves your ears by blocking tracks, albums, and artists you don't like on Spotify. Simply add them to a blacklist and Stapp will do its best to "stapp" these tracks from playing. No more Christmas songs at the beginning of November. Yay!

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I am very dissappointed that this isn't named "Stopify"
@enjoythecode I came here to say just that ; )
Since Spotify doesn't have blocking feature on their platform yet so I decided to make this little app. Hope someone will find it useful. Thank you!
Please tell me this is named “stapp” after Scott Stapp?
@mickc79 I related more to the "Ronnn STAHPPP" of the Jersey Shore days
Cool idea - any plans for iOS version?
Thank you @abadesi. I'll start working on the iOS version as soon as the Android version becomes stable.
Cool, hope to see it coming to iOS too