Collaborative notebooks: work with others and store anything

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I am digging it. I gave the team a bunch of ideas (like bookmarklet, replies, etc.). Let's see how quick they are to add features. But I really like the UX.
@stoweboyd Enjoyed talking to you, Stowe! Thanks one more time for all the feedback and suggestions.
Shared folders in Dropbox and shared notebooks in Evernote don't really work, because it is extremely hard to understand who shared what, when and why. That's why Staply was made. The creators wanted to make collaboration more straightforward and thus easier. Staply lets you to create notebooks where you, together with as many as you like, can post notes. Notes consist of 2 parts: file, link, email(any or few of them) and a text comment. Nice product by @lgmspb!
Hi everyone, co-founder @staplyco here. Thanks for hunting us @bramk! We'll be watching this feed closely today, so please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
Very nice indeed. Wrote to Greg in "Test notebook" just in case, but resulting chat with @lgmspb took me by surprise. Onboarding and done right!
I'm more interested in @staplyco's investor strategy. Has anyone ponied up? I'm guessing the founders have a solid enough background and self-funding to keep going for now OR they just have dashing good looks and sexy voices. :p
@staplyco @taylorhou ahah if we would have sexy voices and dashing good looks, then there would be a video trailer available ;)
@staplyco @lgmspb in all seriousness though - whether you want to share now or later after you are successful in raising a phat round, please do share your experience with the strategy. it's a refreshing change/perspective and I hope it catches on and becomes more standard.
@staplyco @taylorhou We hope so too. We'll definitely write up our experience with this approach, now it's just a bit early to speak about the results.
Thanks for the useful feedback! Hope you'll enjoy using Staply :)