StandupScreen for Trello

Turn a magnetic whiteboard into an interactive Trello board

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Hi PH! We've been using this for a while now at AirConsole and today we decided to make StandupScreen available for everybody. is a free tool that lets you turn any whiteboard into an interactive Trello board using computer vision. We always wanted a dynamic tool that would enable us to interact with our Trello cards during our daily standup meetings. To use StandupScreen all you need is a notebook, a projector, a whiteboard and some magnets. You will be able to move, reassign and delete tasks by placing magnets on your whiteboard. It's also really fun to use! I'd love to hear your thoughts about StandupScreen!
@morgam this looks AWESOME! We've been playing lots of AirConsole (please let us pick repeating Silly World Series levels :) ) at @Cnverg - and we've been talking about how to get in touch. Cnverg is a Command Center for Product Development teams that enhances Visual Planning and Strategy. We give Teams a real-time whiteboard in the cloud, where they can control their GitHub issues, Trello cards, digital stickies, images, notes and other whiteboarding and planning tools, all in one environment directly synced to the tools they use. I would love to see how we could work with StandupScreen and the computer vision you're using. Since we've incorporated full mutlitouch in browser, I would love to see if we could test out multi point interaction with the CV systems you've built. (Currently Cnverg runs really well on rear projection and IR touchscreens - but this looks like you can turn any whiteboard into a giant touchscreen just with a laptop). Let's talk? And congrats on a fantastic product!
Hi @jakirk42 @cnverg ! Thanks for the kind words! This sounds really interesting. Please email at so that we can schedule a call.
@jakirk42 @morgam @cnverg Hi John, developer of Silly World Series here! Awesome to hear you like it :D Choosing the mini games separately in Silly World Series will be possible soon, we will implement that this summer. Stay tuned ;)
@malicedafirenze @morgam @cnverg so good to hear! Silly is the best
This is simply genius, absolutely amazing use of technology. Great work!
@jamiequackers Thanks for the kind words. We hope this is also useful for you and your team!
Useful for distributed teams (like ours):
Hi @rrhoover thanks for your comment!
This is actually pretty cool and will probably use it with my team. But can I just ask the simple question of... why not just go directly to Trello or Trello integration with Slack?
@roydequina Thanks for your comment! There are a few things needed to make StandupScreen works. We need large areas where you can place the magnets to select actions. Furthermore, it would not work with any background image.
@morgam I get it, I saw the video. But my question is, why wouldn't people just go directly to Trello instead of StandupScreen? From the video, it looks as though the person demonstrating was simply doing a task for herself—why would she need to do it standing up using a board. I'm looking for a use case where I would standup in front of my team showing them how to move a card than just doing it directly on my computer. Anyway, I do like the technology. Good luck.
@roydequina We actually use this with our team of six and everyone watches each other standups. Of course, you could also use Trello directly but our team needed a tool that would allow us to be more dynamic. By using StandupScreen, we are fully focused on the "big screen". Maybe it's a bit like a slide presentation, you can always be in front of the computer using the keyboard but some people prefer to use a remote to move to the next slide.
wow - this is awesome! GREAT work! added it to my Tools for Trello collection!
@bhavesh thanks! Your collection looks awesome. :-)