Email-based productivity logging for teams

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We're way more focused on teams, therefor have certain details differentiating StandupMail from other tools which are based on the same concept - i.e. different types of bullets for different kinds of information. We also try to provide a better pricing concept.
@nerdben what do you mean different types of bullets? IDoneThis is also for teams, I can't really see any differences
@_jacksmith the *bullets* were just an example for how the tool differs from others. When sending an update email to the team's email address, you can add some information to your content by choosing different bullets: a hyphen (done), a plus (upcoming task) or an asterisk (problem/bottelneck).
Is there any video demo ?
@ahaseeba not yet. That would be important for you?
@nerdben We usually send emails by the end of the day to the groups. I am just trying to understand how it would be different. It does not need to be pretty but simple youtube demonstration .
Sounds like iDoneThis. Any differences/improvements with StandupMail? cc @smalter