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Hey there, Product Hunters! I'm Alex, co-founder of Standuply, along with @artem_borodin. We're super excited to be here today and talk to you guys. Thanks @ericwillis for waiting until we polish the product and hunting us at last ; ) Standuply automatically runs standup meetings by interviewing your team in Slack and then delivers the results to Trello and Slack. You set up a report once and then this bot does it all. You can work with many Slack teams using one single account in Standuply. At the same time, several people within your organization can have separate accounts within Standuply with their own reports. We found that in many distributed and in some co-located teams standups don't go well enough. It is crucial to check in with your team on a regular basis so we decided to build a solution to make it super easy and effective. Our road was bumpy and twisted. We started by building sprinterbot.com ("Your In-House Scrum Master in Slack") and found that many teams don't strictly follow scrum. Then we decided to make the service more flexible and here came reportchef.com ("One Single Tool for Team Reporting in Slack"). With it, we found that having wide positioning hurt us. People didn't get what ReportChef is about. And most of them still used ReportChef for daily standups. Standuply is our 3rd attempt which is focused on standups only. We're the friendly team with entrepreneurial and management experience based in freezing Siberia. On a free day, we play balalaikas, walk a bear and drink coffee (not vodka, surprisingly :) ) We'd like to hear your questions and feedback on Standuply. Let's make standups great again together!
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@sprinter @artem_borodin @ericwillis Quite a few bots in this space... how does Standuply compare to others out there at the moment
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for asking! Standuply differs from others by delivering results to a task tracker. Also, it’s more flexible and designed to be used in large companies for several teams at once.
@sprinter @artem_borodin @ericwillis Great solution, thank you, guys (and girl)! We're going to test it right now. P.S. I like your photo :)
Awesome balalaika photo! 😂
@alexanderisora we worked and played hard :)
This is great. My client thinks that my update requests are really f-ing annoying (just doing my job) but now at least it's automated so I can go cringe somewhere else.
@robynchaaang thanks :) we think this way as well and I do hope it'll make your life easier
Standuply is a bot that runs daily standup meetings in Slack and delivers the results to Trello (and to Slack as well). You set up questions, choose people to ask and pick a schedule. Then Standuply interviews team members by asking the questions, aggregates answers and delivers the results where you need them.
@erictwillis thanks for hunting us!
Hey Standuply, I think It's great idea of tool for team! hurrying up set it up. Do you plan create a reports with graphs for mood tracking?
@ppravdin Pavel, thanks for your feedback and let us know how did it go in your team. As for mood graphs, we're focused on standups at the moment. However, if our users would like to have graphs for different use cases, then we'll definitely look into this. Do you track mood in your team and if so, how do you do that currently?