StandUp & Stretch

Mac app that reminds you to take breaks

StandUp reminds you to take breaks as often as you want, it knows exactly when you’re away from the keyboard. You don't need to put your computer to sleep or lower your screensaver timer. Using this, you will never get a random notification, we try to make them as relevant as possible.

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Do you schedule breaks or does it realise when you should take a break?
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron! You schedule the max work time to be x minutes and the app will only notify you if you didn't take any break in x minutes straight. If you do, the timer resets when you get back.
Take a look at for a more minimal app as well.
I think that cigarettes solved this problem many many years ago.
@jess_andreas_danger_olsen haha! sitting or smoking are pretty much equal though 😅
Interesting. Swift or Electron?