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This was posted 5 months ago What are the major updates here?
@bentossell Major Updates Include • Fully Asynchronous Standups You heard that right. You can now go full async with your team. Everyone receives a DM from Standup Bot at a chosen time and your teammates can enter their standup at their leisure or all at the same time. Teams can now finally simultaneously complete their standups. No more waiting your turn. • Filtering With the old version of standup reports, what you saw was what you got. Now with filters you can see just the standups from a specific time period and user or group of users. What happened with Tim over the past two months? What was Amanda doing last week? Find the standup you need quickly. Time for raises? Management can now quickly access individuals’ accomplishments within a particular date range. • Optimized email reporting With Standup Bot’s new email reporting you’ll now receive an email report that is full of content. Email reports now only send after every individual on your team has completed standup, or when the window for daily standup has closed for the day. No more useless N/A showing email reports. • Fast date switching Viewing a standup report used to feel slow. Scrolling through days with forward and back buttons is not efficient. Now with our date picker you can jump to any date in a couple of clicks. Need to review a standup from last week? Now with our new date picker you can jump there in seconds.
Okay... I mean, this doesn't seem to do anything that an established @Slack standup/all hands protocol can't accomplish, but it does cost $20/m. So... Explain to me why I should be stoked on this, rather than super bummed out?
Big update to this bot, including asynchronous standups and filtering. I've been meaning to try this bot out for a while, so this might be the time. Always curious how much data companies like this can see from Slack! Maybe the owner has some insight?
@veronica Data that we receive is maybe the scariest part about running this type of company. We are receiving a lot of companies day-to-day business. We only access accounts when we need to troubleshoot things for support. The only data we keep is the data you send to us so we can in turn reformat it and display it back to you in the form or a report.
Is this made by Basecamp? Because it looks like it was...
Interesting product - just not sure about the application