Standup Bot 2.0

A bot that runs your standup meetings in Slack

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What are the big updates here?
@bentossell We added an entire new interface. When we launched it was a templated bootstrap theme. We've now invested countless hours make an interface all our own. It now works on mobile. During our beta we did not support any type of mobile views or signup. Now we do. Hybrid standups. By far this was our most requested feature. When we launched we only allowed synchronous standups. Now, Standup Bot takes a hybrid approach, melding synchronous and asynchronous standups. Synchronous standups come first, but we allow the stragglers a chance to complete their standup within 8 hours on the same day. Async teams get in sync. Schedule a standup. Schedule standups in multiple channels to automatically start each standup every day at its own specified time. Never forget to start your meeting again. Discipline is for machines. Weekly reports. Also a new feature left off from version 1 Standup Bot puts together week over week reports on how your team is participating in its standups. Find out who is participating and who is not. Loads better! Hope you'll give it a shot!
so this doesn't do standup comedy shows?
@bindermichi Unfortunately not. Someone brought that up last time and we thought it was a great idea then too.
Great tool with a fair price but we use flowdock ... are you planning to support it ?
@yecine_dhouib We don't have any plans to support Flowdock yet. We haven't had many requests. Slack seems to be the juggernaut in this space and we see it maturing even more in the near future.