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Automated standups for Slack channels

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2016

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Nice tool. Is it possible to do async standups (=having people submitting their standup in parallel) ? What we do @pastbook we have a #standup channel where every morning a IFTTT bot posts a message to call the standup and we all answer the 3 magic questions there, without having to wait for each other: it saves a lot of time and works like a charm. What I see interesting is the possibility to have a recap by mail then, but not sure I'd spend $20/month. Curious to see how other people here use Slack for standup meeting.
@stefanocutello IFTTT FTW. I'm going to look into that next week. Is it custom or did you follow a recipe?
@ryanmac Custom. Trigger is time. Action is Slack post. Simple ;)
@stefanocutello Thanks. Ended up installing Howdy ( to see how this works for our team.
@ryanmac I checked Howdy, looks cool! I'm wondering if it's really free... / what's the business model behind it (cc @benbrown ?)
@stefanocutello @pastbook for async I recommend to check out It's been out there for months and I consider it solid. (Disclaimer: I used to work there)
Why Standup Bot? Messaging tools like Slack changed our work world. Standup changed our meetings. Standup Bot keeps us accountable, tracks our goals, and got us to post our successes, plans, and upcoming challenges. (ref.
I was hoping for a bot that'd tell jokes on our Slack channels. But this is cool too! :D
@yoavanaki To be honest, I really want the jokes to happen! ha. Have you been able to try out Standupbot yet??
I've used the open source version you guys put out a few months ago. Found it a bit buggy but love the concept so went to Tatsu instead. Nice to see you bring out a 'proper' version. How did you settle on the pricing? And how many people can I have in one team?
@charlesrowat Pricing was done by watching usage. As far as team-size, how big of a team are you wanting to use this with? Will you be using it in 1 chat room with your whole team, or do you have multiple Slack chat-rooms that you will be having standup in, in each one?
I think this looks amazing however its the kind of tool that requires a full team buy in to use and I know from trying to implement other similar things that is very unlikely
@jonthanfielding Could signup for the trial and use it in a different channel wtih a few people to "test" it out for a week. The reason we built this, is because we were using it everyday before we built it and it greatly improved results. Using this bot was a quick way to get everyone on board Day 1 and since it's a bot, it's repeatable everyday and requires very little effort to have the meeting done by this bot which promotes consistency to solve the problem you're battling