The truly portable standing desk

StandStand is a portable standing desk that offers the health and productivity of a stand-up desk wherever you go.

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Thanks you, @rossdcurrie! I hope mobile laptop users will find StandStand (@GetStandStand) an easy way to make a standing desk around town or different rooms at the office or home. I'm happy to answer any questions people have.
Nuseir YassinSoftware Engineer, Venmo
Erica SwallowLover of life, Planet Earth
Big fan here! @lukeleafgren sent me a prototype last week, and I fell in love with the design. I honestly wasn't expecting to be blown away, but it's lightweight, easy to carry/put together, and super adorable with its smile. Definitely try it if you're a standing desk enthusiast. I have a standing desk in my room, but I've been using the StandStand in my living room for a change of scenery. I plan on carrying it along to the coffee shop soon, too. Love this.
Ross Currie
Founder, Brutal TearDowns
There are a couple of these on Kickstarter at the moment. The other one I know of is Refold ( ). StandStand definitely looks a lot more portable though :)
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
@rossdcurrie this is a lot cheaper as well
Gillian Morris
CEO, Hitlist
Love seeing you here @lukeleafgren, it's been a while since Lit-Art C-25! And I can't wait to see these take over the coffee shops of Williamsburg. My main concern is sturdiness - I'm incredibly clumsy and it's a lot easier to knock my laptop off a stand stand rather than off a table. I feel like anything that's light enough to carry around will also be easy to knock over.
@gillianim So nice to hear from you, Gillian! I have an update (#2) on my Kickstarter page that gives a sense of how stable it it. The table keeps you from running into it, and it would have to be a decent blow to knock the center of weight beyond the trapezoid base ( Take care!
Camille Ricketts
Head of Marketing, Notion
I want this right now.
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