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Would need to see the PDF export before upgrading. I use standardresume the free version but the PDF form's are atrocious (near 5 pages long for a resume). I'd pay for a one pager PDF.
@trellwest thanks for the feedback, multiple people have requested this and we are actively working on a solution. In your case, would it absolutely have to be 1 page or would 2 work depending on the length of the resume?
@trellwest @sinanmaani In Europe, resumes are 1 pager in most countries from what I know. For me also it is critical for upgrading
@sinanmaani every employer I've sent this export to has given me the feedback of making it one-page or less. You could offer for users to select and build a highlights-only type of export that fits. My standard-resume has more than necessary when applying to jobs specifically.
@trellwest we just released an all-new version of the app that features 10 templates that are optimized for shorter resumes. By reducing margins and spacing, as well as adding two-column layouts, we have made it much easier to stay within 1-2 pages.
Part of me wants to add my own little logo/monogram but the other part of me also completely understands that that defeats the purpose sorta.
Brilliant work, once again @rileytomasek! Are you considering a student rates as well or not at the current time?
@rileytomasek @3raxton Hi Braxton, We don't currently offer a student rate, but we recently introduced a $20 per year option (we've just updated the homepage to reflect this). We feel that this is a great option for students who need a resume for a longer term basis and at a more affordable rate. Hope this helps!
when i first stumbled upon standard resume some time ago i really loved the simple approach, but thinking about it there's really not a benefit over just wrapping my resume in a medium or telegraph post. (right?) i wish you all the best but your pro features don't really convince me either. seeing the stats but not knowing who these people were doesn't really help me to get any valuable information out of it.
@rileytomasek hey riley, thanks for your answer. i really didnt think of that last point. i guess i should've spent a little more time on your site :) but lets assume i do what you say and create a custom resume for every application. if i attach it as a PDF i dont benefit from your pro features and (lets face it) your PDF formatting is not perfect. and if its not perfect i will not use it in an application my future career may depend on. if i just attach a link it might seem lazy, although i created this resume just for them. also, every company will then download the pdf to integrate it in their own application management system. i dont think you will ever find yourself in a situation where HR sends emails to the entire team like "hey check out this kid". i only used your service to link to it from my own website and i am able to see the traffic for that through my provider. again, all the best for your future. i hope my thoughts give a little insight why i wont become a paying customer today.
Great idea, however the free version is very basic and I would be concerned having the same format in a sea of thousands of similar resumes. Also you really only need this when job hunting, is there a way you can pay per resume instead of by month???