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Note: LinkedIn import is working now!

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Is it only me or the "Import from Linkedin" is broken? Once auth is given, there's no reaction from the app, either I do that during the signup wizard either in the resume view. (Google Chrome on Mac)
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@emmestandsfor same here (chrome mac)
@emmestandsfor Safari on Mac - same problem. Must be a beta-bug.
@emmestandsfor same here. And this is for me the killing feature. People have no time to fill *again* all that skills and experience fields.
@emmestandsfor it worked for me :/ - chrome mac
@emmestandsfor same problem, both in Safari and Chrome on Mac.
I like this tool. I would like the option to only allow access to my contact details to specific invitees or share recipients. I understand this would likely require them to create an account which could be a blocker. I would like to contain all my details on the resume, but not comfortable with that just being out there for anyone to find. Would also be nice to stop resumes from appearing on search results pages. Don't want current employers seeing that you're out there promoting yourself if they Google your name.
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@rileytomasek I think your angle with LinkedIn is perfect. They are ripe for disruption! Well played on that front. Would I pay for those features? Difficult question. I think the size of the market who would be looking to use this service perpetually is limited. If I was actively seeking new employment I would pay for the duration of my job hunt, if the fee was reasonable (less than $5 per month?). Then, when I wasn't looking for jobs, and my resume was in hibernation, so to speak, I would expect it to be private until I needed to use it again. So maybe that's a potential solution, when you're not paying your resume is either completely open, or completely locked down... but when you're paying you can customise the openness and have recipient-specific settings activated?
@rileytomasek happy to be able to help with the idea process! Let me know how things go.
@rileytomasek @gigamick I think a good premium paid feature would be, as you suggested, preventing search engines from indexing the resume.
@gigamick we just released Standard Resume 2.0, and you can nw hide your resume from search engines. I'd love to hear what you think of the other changes 😄.
Love this product. Great design. It'd be great if people could embed this in their website or something.
@samuelbeek Totally agree, would be nice for custom domains too.
@pfista id pay for that. Would make a great business model
I do a fair amount of hiring, both employees and contractors, and I never see the original resume/CV. Everything has already been entered into our hiring system before it gets to me. It doesn't matter what it looks like when we get it, as long as it can be scanned into our system it'll make it to me. If you're looking to be hired by a large company, spend your time crafting a coherent CV that's free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I'm always amazed at how many errors I see from people who indicate "attention to detail" as one of their strengths.
@rileytomasek Thanks for the reply, Riley. I think you've succeeded in creating a distraction-free building process. If someone knows exactly what info they want to enter, using this tool will be fast and simple. If they don't know what to enter, they're new in the job market or inexperienced looking for work that requires a resume, it might be a little difficult for them because there's not much in the way of guidance. You have some guidance in the text boxes but even I wasn't sure about what to put into 'Highlight'. I guess what I'm saying is the audience it appears you're targeting might need a bit more hand-holding. It might be nice to let people create different variations of their resume depending on the position they're trying to get. I have several different versions of my resume where I emphasize different aspects of my history depending on the job I want. Regarding the export, our system takes scanned documents (Pages, Word, PDF, etc) or electronic versions entered into the system directly. I don't see much value in exporting anything other than those I mentioned. Good luck, it's a nice product.
@rileytomasek @fbara good point, LinkedIn gives you tips on what to put in, and a list of people to lurk on the right hand side for ideas. maybe in building product you could do something similar to get people going, though I love the minimalism here!
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