Log in once a day and take a stand for your favorite cause

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
"Stand4 is a social impact app that empowers you to see your entire impact on the world, in one place. To make an impact, you can log in once a day and take a stand for your favorite cause. Each stand activates a monetary donation from Stand4’s corporate sponsors to the cause you stood for. Everything that comes as a result of your stand is compiled and shown on your profile page; giving you the ability to immediately see all the lives you’ve touched, problems you’ve helped solve, and overall impact you’ve made on the world."
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mike*2.0doVibe App
@nikkielizdemere Interesting in a way that it sounds like the best new way to show support for a Cause. Am sure a lot more donations are going to come through this App. Good hunting because at some point, we all need to stand for something. I like the App name as well, straight to the point.
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