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Motorized standing desk for only $389

#5 Product of the WeekApril 08, 2014
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A friend of mine is doing this. They met their goal in the first 30 minutes!
So tempted to buy this. If it was $200 I'd pull the trigger immediately.
I have been using this desk for about a month now, I really enjoy standing and working. The finish and quality of the desk is better than I expected. An interesting note: This is the first Kickstarter project that I backed where I actually received 100% of my reward.
arghh, US only ;( I just filled out your international form: hope you guys expand soon :)
I got one of their desks a few years ago and it has been one of the best investments I’ve made. The 1st desk I received had an issue we couldn’t troubleshoot over the phone. They sent me a replacement immediately with no fuss. The 2nd continues to work perfectly after a few years. To save a little $$ I ordered only the base and used a desktop I got from ikea. Their product is great and their customer service is top notch. Not much else you can ask for in a company.