Stance x Star Wars

May the force keep your toes warm (Star Wars socks)

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Last night I was catching up on @caseyneistat and saw that he was sent the most awesome invitation which included a hologram, iPad and these limited edition Star Wars socks. He said it was the best invitation he had received. It looked AWESOME. So awesome in fact that I had to hunt these socks. How cool are these?!!! I'm very particular about my socks and always want them to be fun. These are fun ๐Ÿ’ฏ Get yours now in time for the movie coming out :) You can see @caseyneistat opening the invitation here (8 mins in):
These are indeed cool socks, @bentossell
I have a pair of stance socks and they are my favorite. Super comfortable and durable. Not sure if I will buy the Star Wars versions but if you like that idea, I can vouch for the socks.
I like the Darth Vader version and the Stormtrooper, but the faces on the sock look a bit creepy.
Perfect compliment to the Adidas Star Wars shoes. ๐Ÿ‘ž