The first outdoor valet parking robot

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Key feature missing, the robot needs to give you a condescending comment when he recognises your old beat up car!
The idea of taking the car away from me when I don't need it and bringing it when i do sounds promising.
Good stepping stone until all cars just park themselves (or drive around collecting other people).
This is a few innovations beyond cars parking themselves - the Stan robots can continuously rearrange cars to optimally use space. To accomplish the same thing, cars would all have to communicate with each other. You can't even charge a Nissan Leaf on a Tesla Supercharger today, having them talk to each other to negotiate parking spots might never happen. But with these robots, more efficient use of space = smaller parking lots = more room for other things.
Is this really able to compete in terms of costs with an (on-demand) human valet parking team? Isn't it necessary to maintain these machines and the logistical brain behind the scene?