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This looks really awesome! Any plans on international shipping? Pretty please? 😳
@curiousigor Thanks for having a look Igor! We haven't got any immediate date for international shipping, but it's something we're going to look into. We've had a few shouts from UK and Australia. Where are you hoping to ship to? And have you had positive experiences shipping to your location from the US in the past?
@jesselcampbell great! I'm currently living in Slovenia so shipping to Europe in general would do for most countries here I think. I have ordered things bigger than stamps from the US, UK or even China to either Slovenia or Austria and never had any problems whatsoever, so I think this shouldn't cause problems also 😊
@jesselcampbell Also the ink pads are only 3 × 1⅞", I'm ordering a 3x3, where can I get a bigger ink pad? Or should I order a smaller stamp?
@astrism That's as big as we've got for ink pads, but there's a maneuver called "the double dab" that will get the job done for nearly any size of stamp. :)
@jesselcampbell @astrism Ha, sounds good. Thanks for the info.
Gotta say that the simplicity of your site is amazing. Do you have any comparisions for abandonment and conversion rates that you'd be willing to share? Seems like being able to drop the artwork right in there has to boost conversions.
@paulprins Hey Paul, nothing to compare just yet—but it certainly makes the production process much easier on our side. The "old" method required artwork submission, review, and approval. This does it all client-side, which is a-okay with us. :)
@jesselcampbell @paulprins makes sense that it's fresh. I would be super curious to hear how it compares. It's a super sexy looking approach.
Love the UX on your site. Good job!
@jesselcampbell I dont see any photos of the wood handle. Can you link me to some?
@astrism Hi Grant, we struggled a bit with the wording there. All stamps come on a wood block (like in the image above), but you have an option to add a wood handle that protrudes up from the block. There's a little illustration if you click the question mark next to "Wood Handle". I haven't got any photos on hand, but let me see what I can find...
@astrism Sorry for the lack of images of stamps with the wood handle, but these handles are identical to the ones we use.
@jesselcampbell @astrism Ok I get it now, thanks for the update!