Certify your emails using the blockchain

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Hi Product Hunt, We are Stampery, we provide legally binding proofs of existence, integrity and ownership of any file or email, using the Bitcoin blockchain. You just have to upload a file, choose whether to store a backup on our servers or not, and click a button. We also create a unique email address for each user, so you can just create a rule in your email and BCC everything. The best interface is the one that doesn't even exist. Thanks you all guys!
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Extremely easy to use! Simply BCC your Stampery email address to notarize your message.
They hide a lot of complexity behind their easy-to-use interface. That's hard to pull off. Great work!
@muneeb Thanks a lot Muneeb, you are awesome!
Found out about Stampery at Menorca Millennials showcase this weekend, great team and very interesting use of the blockchain...
@abracarioca thanks Anna! Really appreciate it :)
This is an awesome idea. We're all waiting for having all our legal stuff in the blockchain.
@cvander thanks Christian!! Sounds better coming from you. Btw, congrats for all what you are achieving with Platzi, here you have a fan :)