Stampede Live

Purchase ownership shares in music albums and films

Stampede Live allows investors to purchase real ownership stakes in their favorite creators’ projects, and, if the project is successful, investors are paid annual royalties based on the amount invested.
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Hey PH, We are college dropout entrepreneurs from Hawaii on a mission to revolutionize the entertainment finance industry and democratize investing. We help creators: 1. Raise capital for an album or film 2. Engage an established fanbase 3. Become financially independent We help investors: 1. Invest (not donate) in their favorite creators 2. Discover pre-vetted projects 3. Access simplified information to make financial decisions Stampede Live has launched its first offering for folk singer, Marie Miller, becoming the first music regulation equity crowdfunding deal in history. If you want to try investing on Stampede Live for free, we are giving out a $10 investment credit for either liking and sharing 3 campaign posts on Facebook or storying 3 campaign posts on Instagram. To get involved, just like/ follow either our Facebook or Instagram page and message “Little Dreams.” Facebook: Instagram: Let us know if you have any questions or comments!
@speho Interesting. So it's a bit like an ICO?
@petergyrgy1 Hey Peter, thank you for your interest. Yes our platform is similar in that that our projects are small public offerings. However, instead of cryptocurrency, it is dollars in dollars out. We feel this will allow more investors (especially those who are still uncomfortable with cryptocurrency) to get involved with our offerings!