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I am probably the only one not getting why this is so popular.. so many alternatives, limited differentiation, nothing really new...
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@acondurache - I'm thinking the same thing. Seems like an insanely crowded space to me with a ton of good work out there already.
@acondurache +1. Per previous answer I suppose positioning as 'easier for normals' than Mailchimp could be a thing, but I'm not sure the underlying assumptions play out. Especially for people who pay for email marketing software.
Also off topic, but love the .GIF of Mourinho when you do a search with no result.
@basprass Yeah, that's awesome! :-) I looked for 404 but didn't find one.
It's bit off topic but I use product hunt mostly on my mobile phone. Unfortunately I cannot view the site properly on my phone. The opportunity to show and let me understand the product is gone.
@chriskedzierski That's odd....the templates are responsive but the site's not?
@chriskedzierski You're right. Responsiveness will be fixed within a few days. My colleague next to me is working on it as we speak. Our apologises!
@UXAndrew unfortunately yes.
@kevgroenendaal thanks for your prompt reply. Enjoy your day.
@chriskedzierski I volunteer to help you make it responsive. Just hit me up on Twitter and I can wireframe it up for you (tablet and mobile), then maybe some others here can do the GUI and FED :-)
Looks awesome. The product, the design. Love it.
Looks great! Can you explain in your own words why we (@volleyworks) would switch from mailchimp, though?
@davehariri Our team and especially I noticed that the process to send an actual email campaign can be pretty complex. Especially for the non tech-savy. We've simplified the whole process to increase the overall quality of the tools. Tools you're actually gonna use, yet to minimise the price of the service. MC and CM can be quite bloated and confusing to those who aren't comfortable with web apps. Where as StampReady feels really user friendly and innovative on certain aspects. Pick, Edit and Send. I think that is why you should switch. :)