Stamp for iOS

The most popular music moving tool - now on iOS

I use Stamp on the desktop. Downloading now.
Hi Product Hunters 🐥, I know Product Hunt has been crawling with bots 👾 this past week. And why should today be any different! I present to you the purest of all bots: moving massive music playlists from Spotify to Apple Music has been a pain for – well – over 9 months now. 🕘 Stamp liberates your music! It gives you choice! It gives you freedom to pay for whatever service you like, Spotify, Apple, Google, Deezer and many more, but only those you really want to. 🙌🏼 With an explosion of music streaming services, it's hard to find the best one for you. Spotify offers great music player. Apple Music is the best when you want to listen to Taylor Swift. But what if you were previously using YouTube playlists to gather your favorite songs? Stamp is an application which helps you easily migrate between music streaming services and find one that is the best for you. It was the first on the market back in August 2015. And NOW with iOS 9.3, it finally arrived on iOS !!! 📱💯 I dare, y'all readers to download the app and give it a spin! Of course there is a free-tier! LONG LIVE FREEMIUM 💰 @rrhover if you really want a bot that can give you any music you want not just Justin Bieber, you've got to try Stamp on a shiny iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold (like @chamath)