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Bartosz Hernas
Bartosz HernasMaker@bartoszhernas · Founder of &
Thank you Marc for posting! As a founder of STAMP I will be happy to answer any questions :)
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@bartoszhernas How is this different than
Michal Hernas
Michal HernasMaker@hernas · Founder of &
@joshdance @bartoszhernas We support both platforms Windows & Mac. You can see that we have much more music streaming services integrated. Stamp was chosen by Rdio as one of the main exporting tool ( you can see it here). :) Also, we were first one to offer import to Apple Music, after our success there were many copy-cats (one of them Move to Apple). And at last, we do not break any licenses and operate in legal way. As I understood Rdio Legal Team that we contacted, what Move to Apple is doing is illegal (using their API and selling app with it). I would say that we also we have more features in the app (exporting failed songs at least) and much better support. Import from Deezer coming really soon, then probably YouTube :) BTW. I almost forgot, our import to Apple Music is faster ;)
Martin Svanberg
Martin Svanberg@martin_svanberg · Software Engineer, Contractor
Cool! This is one major reason why people won't switch streaming providers. Have you met any resistance from these companies? I imagine they're not too keen on having their services commoditized. I think the next barrier to cross is making it easier to share music between users of different services, i.e. if I use Spotify and my friend uses Apple Music, how can I share a playlist?
Michal Hernas
Michal HernasMaker@hernas · Founder of &
@martin_svanberg Thankfully Spotify has cool terms of services, that only disables making money on streaming music, but you can use their content. :) With Rdio, we made a trick at beginning, that we have created Free Rdio Exporter as webpage, where you could export file in .rstamp format. (simple json inside) Then you could take this file and import it using Stamp. This way we did not break any licenses or ToS'es :) Problem is at the moment when you want to import something. Spotify allows it. Google Music and Apple don't have public API, so we use reverse engineering to track their private API and we use these ones. Only risk here is that user that used Stamp, could be blocked by GM or Apple, however risk is really small here. About sharing users playlists, it could be done with Spotify or Google Music as API could work on our backend systems. Problematic is Apple Music, where our app fakes being iTunes. We have an idea though, but not so much time. We have contacted Deezer right now, as they say they are some options for commercial usage of their API, lets see what they can offer. :) Pandora has unofficial API, so the same case as GM or Apple Music.
Marc Seitz
Marc SeitzHunter@mfts0 · CTO at @Hackerbay
Stamp is back with its fourth edition. A lot has changed since their launch 6 months ago ( So originally named S.t.A.M.P. (from "Spotify to Apple Music Playlists") has expanded to help everyone leaving Rdio to protect their precious collections. Also Stamp now transfers your Google Music songs to Apple Music 😽. They've included fail-overs protections, so that you don't lose songs that failed to import and much more. Stamp has already been responsible for 70k+ of Apple Music's 10 million happy users. See what Stamp can do for YOU. Stamp is the best tool to LIBERATE your music! Easily port your songs/playlists/collections from one service to another. Don't be a square and use just *one* service: Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Rdio. I bet the guys behind this amazing app have a lot more to say and answer any questions you may have. P.s. Have you got your raps on mp3, so Stamp can transfer them from Spotify to Apple, @eriktorenberg ;)
Michal Hernas
Michal HernasMaker@hernas · Founder of &
Hey Product hunters :) Thanks to you we have been able to improve app a lot, add many different services, fix bugs and add new features. Past 6 months have been crazy for us. We had problems with payment providers (basically Braintree abandoned us), we were fixing bugs every day, adding new features and promoting it everywhere we could. At one point we had to change whole engine for importing to Apple Music, we fought with Spotify API limits and we talked with Rdio about them shutting down. Rdio was awesome and picked us as one of the promoted app to transfer all your library on :) It gave us a little bit more sales than we expected. :P For past weeks, we have been working on new branding as well as on adding Google Music to our app. Next step is export FROM Apple Music and integration with Deezer & Pandora. If you have any suggestions, please share them! We are open for users feedback a lot. (thats why you see Google Music implementation ;) )
mr zaidowicz
mr zaidowicz@dowicz · graphic designer
I think the premium version is too expensive. Why?
BlockChain Daily
BlockChain Daily@aule3031 · NEWS + BUSINESS = BLOCKCHAIN DAILY !!
@dowicz Yes, STAMP's premium is very costly and with less updates, Try Musconv. It is less costly than STAMP.