STAMP allows you to migrate your playlists between various music services

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Have Spotify? But secretly you actually wanna use Apple Music, because well you have a Macbook and you have an iPhone 6 Plus and you have an iPad Air 2! Tired of replicating your meticulously perfect playlists with your favorite love songs, rave songs, game songs, code-for-24-hours songs, and many more? The wait is over: You just have to export as .CSV files with the lovely Exportify tool, then upload these files via S.t.A.M.P (a automation script) made by @bartoszhernas, and voila the songs will be added to your Apple Music account – fully automatically. Disclaimer: - you need to be signed in to Apple Music for StAMP to work - as the program matches Apple Music songs with your playlist, please step AFK (away from keyboard) because if you switch to a different desktop/screen it disturbs the magic and you gotta do it all over again. - the bigger your playlists/song collection, the longer it'll take. in the meantime, go out for a Philz (or equivalent)! Now @eriktorenberg (not too long to tweet =P), you'd love it for your rap songs, while @rrhoover maybe a Coachella playlist?
If somethink doesn't work, then I am sorry for problems. Will fix everything tomorrow. Also I will open source STAMP tomorrow so anyone can fix bugs and improve it. Going to sleep now since its 2 am in Europe currently ;). Thank you all for all good comments and nice welcome.
@bartoszhernas yay to opensource!
First, hats off to these enterprising devs for this creative solution in the absence of an API. My music library is large and Spotify on iOS had become unusable because it gets buggy / crashy on load. So I was basically forced to switch to Apple Music and missing my carefully curated playlists was killing me -- literally causing me serious distress. One thing users should realize-- it doesn't add the songs to a playlist. It just adds them to your music library. Adding them to playlist would be icing on the cake. Still, I'm absolutely in your debt. Going to hit the beer money tab right now ;-)
@mikeorren Thank you Mike, you are really generous! I have posted on website that there are some issues, which I will fix later that day. To be honest I first tried to reverse engineer iTunes API, but figured out that its easier to deliver UI clicker and this way Apple cannot ban easily.
As a full playlist nerd, thank you for this.
@jamie_delancey I am happy that people are happy. Love to see such a positive feedback! Thanks!
@bartosz: Thanks for working on this. I'm not sure scripting the UI is the right way to solve this issue. Did you take a look at the iTunes API? It is pretty easy to track the network requests and use them to add new songs to new playlists.
@krausefx There is a way, someone even created python script but it requires stealing some data from request going to iTunes, which requires to configure SSL proxying, and digging into Charles proxy. So it's not consumer friendly. But I am working on mac app that won't require CSV imports and will be more stable with clicking.
It would be nice to be able to select more than one playlist at a time. I have quite a bunch.
@stephenmarklevi +1 i have close to a hundred :'( @bartoszhernas *ping* :)
@jannis @stephenmarklevi Someone from Reddit found easy solution: cat ~/path/to/*.csv >~/Desktop/merged.csv People are pretty brilliant if they really want something. Well this is a story how this app was created. Currently I am working on new version 2.0 where you will just log it to Spotify and I will get automatically all your songs and import them. For Mac and Windows, single app, no CSV (although I will keep CSV import for cases like Rdio). Also with a lot of improvements to try to fight with weird iTunes UI. Stay tuned and sign up for newsletter on website :)
@bartoszhernas unfortunately I'm getting (signed in to apple music & on iTunes music window). Dropped my mail on your site, can't wait for the update. Beer shall come (if the import works ;)
@jannis This was fixed in version 1.3 :)
@bartoszhernas @stephenmarklevi Thanks. It still doesn't import playlists (as advertised here?) though? Kind of disappointing to have paid and then not get the feature I paid for.