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Ben Piersall
Ben PiersallMaker@benpiersall · BD @ Sequoia Capital
Ben here, one of the co-founders of Staked! Staked is an easy place to track predictions from start to finish. You can add your own predictions, or those made by friends, acquaintances, public figures—anyone. We’re topic-agnostic, with an early focus on tech. Staked's inspiration comes from the fact that despite living in such an always-on world, it’s hard to shake the feeling that one thing is consistently missing: accountability. At Staked we aim to fix this, through a durable accountability community for predictions that can always be referenced. Credibility should be earned, not given. All thoughts, questions, feedback welcome! Also, here's a 1 min. post on our launch:
MarwannHiring@marwannas · Founder @ Les Voyages d'Emma
@benpiersall I have a small notebook filled with predictions, like the return of the creepers, Bill Cosby-like pullovers coming back to fashion, brands transforming their marketing into services, and many more. I now found a place to share these with people :-) Can't wait for the Android version !
Ben Piersall
Ben PiersallMaker@benpiersall · BD @ Sequoia Capital
@marwannas Glad to hear it, Marwann! Android definitely coming down the road. For now, following @StakedApp on Twitter to keep up with the day's best predictions (we'll be doing a daily post) is a good proxy.
Dan@danjfein · Co-Founder & CEO, Veromuse
@benpiersall Can you switch to a non-hyphen "Agree - #" Numbers appear to be negative ("negative 195 people agree with this"). • Try a dot!
Ben Piersall
Ben PiersallMaker@benpiersall · BD @ Sequoia Capital
@danjfein Good UI feedback, Dan. Will play around with it!
James Koole
James Koole@deleted-21562
@benpiersall Care to make a prediction on when the Android version will be released? ;p
Stefan KP
Stefan KP@stefankp · Developer
wow, was thinking about this for so long. thank you, great job :)
Ben Piersall
Ben PiersallMaker@benpiersall · BD @ Sequoia Capital
@stefankp Too kind, Stefan! Lots yet to be done. Certainly send over any feedback + or - you have! ben at staked . co
Stuart McCroden
Stuart McCroden@mccroden · (undefined)
I agree that you should modify/change the "Agree - #" formatting.. @benpiersall, Have you thought of making some sort of agree scale? I also think it would be an interesting dynamic to chain predictions together, like a binary tree of predictions.
Ben Piersall
Ben PiersallMaker@benpiersall · BD @ Sequoia Capital
@mccroden Stuart, we've investigated some designs for a sliding agree/disagree scale, and will continue to play around with it. 👍 The chain of predictions is an interesting idea. We generally like to avoid featuring conditional (if this happens, then that will) predictions, as they aren't as confident a stake in the ground, but it's definitely something to think further about.
David Bauer
David Bauer@davidbauer · Journalist
Like it a lot! Nice idea, clean and simple implementation. Got notified because my Dystopia Tracker was added as a related product. Since Dystopia Tracker has an open API for all its predictions, it might be interesting to pull those into Staked. See and for more info.
Tom Masiero
Tom Masiero@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Would be cool to see this integrate with existing Twitter convos.