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Stairway is making Mathematics education accessible to everyone, regardless of background. πŸ“–
As recent students ourselves, we found ourselves wishing for better ways of using technology to integrate into our learning πŸš€
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Hey ProductHunt! We're excited to introduce Stairway. We are recent students building a product we wish we had when we were younger πŸš€ Learning Maths is hard. Often students are blocked from making progress due to some early misconceptions. We hope to help students identify these in real-time while learning πŸ“š The Internet has so much potential to make learning both easier and more enjoyable. We want to build a product which students fundamentally enjoy using, and helps them to understand where they are going wrong. We use text, images and interactive graphs to explain concepts in the simplest way possible. We combine this with a range of interactive questions to identify the areas where users are struggling, and provide constructive feedback to guide them towards the right approach. We're just getting started with Stairway, and have many exciting features to launch over the next few months. We would love to hear your feedback as we continue to iterate quickly and make the product as useful to students as possible πŸ€— Thanks!
@cfjwilliamson Thanks! I always wanted to refresh my already weak Math skills. I will try this and let you know.
@cfjwilliamson Congrats on the launch. Great idea + lovely design!
@manoj_shredder Thank you! Would love to hear your feedback
@anthilemoon Thank you - really appreciate it!