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This is Kickstarter porn, plain and simple. Everything about this: A+. I can't contain myself. I had to back it. $110 for a goddamn kettle that boils water?
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@chrismessina haha you paid for the spirit that kettle carries
@chrismessina This looks like my Cuisinart PercTemp electric kettle that I use for my french press but with finer temperature control. I want it. "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" worthy indeed.
@chrismessina OMG I watched the full video and it integrates with a smart scale?! What is this...wizardry?!
@theleovogel now you understand my enthusiasm!
I want this so dang bad, but they're only shipping to the US and Canada. Super, super, super disappointed.
@jordsta I got pretty excited by this too. Genuinely a little bit sad they're not shipping to the UK ๐Ÿ˜ข
@rdjpalmer in fact, they should send it to UK as tea kettle.
this is a beautiful product. my only criticism with the look is the connector of the plate. i would have loved to see an induction heater with a completely flat surface, just like the MIITO kettle. also, does it really serve any benefit to start it from your smartphone? it probably takes more time to prepare all the other stuff like grinding and putting the coffee in a filter. if this were a complete coffee automation it would have been a different story.
The level of pretentiousness in the video is surpassed only by the amount of buzzwords used at the end of it. Is this a story from The Onion? It has to be! Right?! "Fluted tip allows for the finest of water streams during brewing." Seriously?
Awesome campaign video. Too bad you don't ship to Germany.