Full-featured payroll app with a comprehensive API

Staffology is a web-based payroll application designed specifically for the UK. As well as being comprehensive in terms of the features provided, it's also a pleasure to use.

A powerful API is available covering all of the functionality, meaning it can easily be integrated with other systems.

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Hrishi Mittal
@duanejackson is a kickass SaaS founder. He previously built and sold Kashflow and Supdate. He always manages to find a gaping hole in the market which everyone else seems to have ignored. Staffology looks awesome!
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Duane Jackson
Founder, Staffology Payroll Software
@hrishio Thanks for hunting Staffology! Basically I got frustrated with waiting for existing payroll software vendors to open up APIs. So I built my own app from scratch. The app uses the API so there's nothing you can do in the app that you can't do programatically via the API. Not sure how much interest there will be from the wider PH community as I guess it's fairly niche, and UK specific. But already there is interest from HR SaaS vendors, challenger banks and others on white-labelling it.
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