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Hello! Staffjoy (from Y Combinator Fellowship's first class) is back on Product Hunt today to share our contractor scheduling tool, Flex. Staffjoy Flex implements the optimal way to schedule hourly contractors. Unlike employees, (in general) you cannot assign contractors their shifts. However, businesses still need to organize when everybody works. What we have introduced is a marketplace model - Staffjoy computes when the business needs workers, then we publish shifts. Contractors click to claim the ones they want. This approach scales to thousands of workers without changing the time it takes to schedule. Staffjoy Flex is used to schedule the agents behind a popular chat bot, to manage food delivery logistics, and to manage on-call rotations. The core is Staffjoy’s proprietary algorithms. We match the contractor levels to business demand. This means that a courier company can scale labor just for lunch hour. If you have any questions, @andhess and I are here to answer them! We also opened our API yesterday -
Typo on your front page "the" should be "they want"
@duran_tech Thanks! Deploying a spelling change now.
@philipithomas @duran_tech Philip doesn't simply make spelling fixes, he "Deploys" them.
@philipithomas your product looks awesome though . Thinking of deploying my employees on it ;)
@duran_tech Thanks! We'll shoot you an email to learn more about YoPay!