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Hello! @Andhess and I are the founders of Staffjoy. Today we are excited to launch Staffjoy Boss, our automated application for employee scheduling. At the core, we have rewritten how scheduling works so that we schedule workers when they prefer to work. No longer does a morning person have to work the closing shift! With features like time off requests, clock-in/clock-out, and compliance we make it easy to have Staffjoy run your workforce. Today we've also announced our first round of funding, our iPhone app, and a variety of other features! For an 80 second overview of Staffjoy Boss, check out this video:
What do you understand about scheduling that other companies don't see? What makes this different from all the other scheduling technologies out there?
@datarade Our core insight is that computers scheduling applications should do the scheduling for you. There's so much information that goes into scheduling - such as time off requests, labor laws, working hours (e.g. when somebody has class and is unavailable to work). That's just he basics for a working schedule. Then there are factors that influence performance and happiness, such as when people prefer to work. Staffjoy replicates the decisions a human scheduling manager currently makes, and we outperform humans by making scheduling more efficient. The best scheduling software is software that runs by itself with minimal inputs from the business, and this release furthers our pursuit of that goal.
@philipithomas "core insight is that computers scheduling applications should do the scheduling for you." I don't think anyone would argue with that statement. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say it's the status quo and/or the prototypical graph theory problem we both got in our coursework at engineering school. The extent to which other companies have taken into account all those constraints is a viable reason.
@datarade HR systems are moving from horizontally-integrated corporate systems to the idea of a "stack" of different applications. Maybe @onboardiq for hiring, @staffjoy for scheduling, @zenefits for HR, and @gustohq for payrolll. The landscape is changing and scheduling systems have not caught up. This is particularly bad because scheduling has to integrate with every single one of these systems to be successful, but that also means that there is opportunity to automate so much of a business's workflows with strong integrations.
@philipithomas What market are you targeting first?
@dredurr With our Flex plan, we have been targeting on-demand startups that use independent contractors with good traction. With today's Boss launch, we are targeting call centers and some hospitality businesses.
@philipithomas I have a little bit of experience in this space. DM me I've found there is a huge need for this type of tool. In places you would not expect.
@dredurr Definitely - following up now.